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My name is Love Lee Alston, the owner of Onyx Urban Radio and host of Purpose TV Podcast and I had the pleasure of interviewing THE Sista Daddyo recently for my podcast and I am amazed not only by her music  but by her strength and endurance. Here is the Q&A but to see the entire Purpose TV interview, check it out below the article.


Q. Tell us about your name, where did it come from?

A.  Well, I thought about when I'm in church and there is a Sister Johnson that is extremely nice to you & you feel that connection...I wanted to symbolize that sisterhood and that masculinity.


Q. Tell us about your upbringing?


A.  It was extremely chaotic. My mom was 17 years old when she had me and completely unfit as most 17-year-olds are so I was adopted at age 7 by my great aunt and great uncle so I moved from High Point North Carolina to Hampton Virginia. 

I grew up in sports and trouble. I love sports at one point in time but then I love the streets more and being rebellious.Almost 8 years ago my best friend committed suicide and that was just like the most devastating thing that had ever happened to me and I didn't want to be there anymore. It was too many memories in Hampton and I just needed to get away so I decided to move down to High Point and I started working in mental health in group homes and physically disabled.

Q. When did you know that music was your thing?

A. So I come from a musical family on both sides. When I got in trouble my punishment was that I couldn't listen to radio. Me & my best friend had a little hip hop duo and when he committed suicide, but being diagnosed with breast cancer and finding myself again it led me back to Hip Hop.

Q. Are you one of those people who can just go off the cuff and do battles?


A. Oh for sure, in school I didn't go to class, I went to all 4 lunches rapping right

off the dome. I didn't care.

In 2019 I was diagnosed with breast cancer & started going to therapy. I

decided that I have something to say and Hip Hop is the way for me to express

myself vocally.

So where I was, I expressed myself in a vulgar way because I was abstaining from

abstinence & that energy was in my work but since I cleared myself my

message is way heavier. You kind of need to find direction. When you're first doing

something you don't really know exactly what you're doing, so you're just doing stuff but when you get everything in order and write your plan out and get it figured out, you just know. So that's where I'm at now, in the beginning I was not there.

Q. Tell us about your breast cancer journey?

A.  In February 2019 I found out but April 20th it was official but I knew for like 5 years before that. It became my greatest strength. I never truly knew who I was prior to this.

Q. How did you handle it?

A. So I handled it by dismissing everybody in my life. I had to clean house & isolate myself because I needed to know myself. People dump their emotions on you and it be so hard to navigate, hard to hold your head up because everybody just want you to be sad.


I decided to get the bilateral mastectomy because of the history of breast cancer in my family. I didn't do any chemo I didn't do any radiation, I changed everything about myself & built a tribe that helped me just through. The loss of my breasts made me withhold from intimacy. If you don't know the pieces of you, you don't want to share those pieces of you. I still don't have all the feeling back in my chest & I mourned but I was kind of happy. That's where the brand Phuckahbra came from. It was like I almost felt free.

Q. Tell us about Phuckahbra?

A. It's just about freedom. It's about feeling free regardless you know who you are we all are not the same people but ultimately we all know we want to be happy & free. We don't want nothing chained up to us and holding us back or no bondage... Phuckahbra! 

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