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The Voice of Greatness Podcast with Dr Joel Bryant - What's Touching You
00:00 / 30:00
From Da Pit ft Lady Shamar
00:00 / 1:00:31
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The Genesis Project
00:00 / 30:00
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Wednesday's at 8:00 pm
Drunk Talk
00:00 / 30:00
Wilson Wilson (1).png
Wilson & Wilson Podcast
00:00 / 30:00
Every Saturday @ 8pm!.jpg
Independent Scene with HonchoJay23 - ft Syndicate Syn2x
00:00 / 30:50
Ukuvusa Radio Podcast.jpg
Thursday's at 9:00pm
Ukuvusa - The Awakening of Black Man
00:00 / 30:00
Untitled design (24).png
Thursday's at 8:30 pm
When People Listen with Lenisha
00:00 / 29:50
William Andrew Live
00:00 / 30:03
Sensual Seductions - Intro Monday's
00:00 / 02:09
Everyday 6-8am EST
W (7).png
Wednesday's at 8pm EST
Camcast Radio
00:00 / 30:56
Monday's at 8pm EST
Get The Black Mind Right Podcast with Larry Syid Wright - Ep 1 The Truth Is The Lie-1
00:00 / 1:00:03
The Relationship Plug Podcast Cover (2) (1).png
The Relationship Plug with Shameka -Understanding Triggers in Relationships
00:00 / 30:00


​If you are interested in having a show or podcast on our station please send me an email at with a description of the show, what package you desire and how long of a contract you are signing up for.  Our contracts are either 1 month, 3 months, 6  months or 1 year. Once we receive the email we will reply with open days and times for your show to air. Shows must be submitted in MP3 form only at least 2 days prior to your air date to be played on the station for programming. The show must already be edited for the length that you have committed to.  


 Here is the pay structure...

OUR & SCM (5).png
OUR & SCM (6).png

Onyx Urban Radio has partnered with Second Chance Music Studios, if you need your podcast professionally recorded along with original intro/outro music Second Chance got you covered at a special price at only $50 per recording on a 3 month contract OR $75 per recording. To contact them please call William Andrew at 336-663-2963 or email him at

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If you are interested in having your podcasts visually recorded there is a charge of $75 per recording that you can digitally download which would be provided to you within 7 days of the record day via email. If you need an intro/outro created  for your visual podcast we can create one for you for at one time fee of $50. This intro/outro will be at the beginning and end of your visual podcast.

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