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Onyx Urban Media Awards

The Onyx Urban Media Awards is the dream come true for the Owner & Visionary of Onyx Urban Media Group, Kisha Love Lee Alston. The purpose of this awards show is to show our love, support and appreciation to those who are apart of the Onyx Urban Media Family from Onyx Urban Radio to Onyx Urban Magazine. This is the first annual awards show and as we grow we will add more categories.


- Writer of the Year 
- Podcast Of the Year 
- R&B Artist of the Year

- R&B Group/Duo of the Year 
- Hip/Hop Artist of the Year
- Hip/Hop Group/Duo of the Year
- Gospel Artist of the Year
- Gospel Group/Duo/Choir of the Year
- Christian Rap Artist of the Year 
- Album Of The Year (All Genres)
- The Dana Lucci Legend Award
- The Onyx Urban Lifetime Achievement Award

The nominees for Writer Of The Year & Podcast Of The Year are all consistent writer's of Onyx Urban Magazine and all consistent podcasters on Onyx Urban Radio. The music awards will go through a very different process. The nominees will be determined by a committee of professionals to narrow down which artists will be nominated for each category. These are independent artists that play on Onyx Urban Radio. (No artist will be nominated or perform at the show that is not apart of the Onyx Urban Radio Family) For Album Of The Year, because we are a radio station, most submissions are singles and not albums but we have some artists that have entire albums playing on the station but not many, that is why this category is grouped together instead of being divided by genre. 


Starting the May 1st, voting will be open for the voting process will begin in May and you will have one week to vote one category, the next week another category and so on.  Example...May 1st - 7th voting will be open for Writer Of The Year. May 8th - 14th, Podcast Of The Year and so on. Keep in mind, you will only be able to vote 1 time so make it count. More information will come as time grows near. Stay tuned