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Onyx Shield is a movement founded by Kisha Love Lee Alston. The mission of OS is to propel and prepare our people to a more self-sustaining way of life. We plan to do this by holding classes to...


  - Promote knowledge of Self


  - Heal generational wounds to gain understanding and promote growth both individually, as a community & as a people.


  - Understanding the justice system


  - Learning Our history


  - To promote connecting spiritually and the importance of being in alignment


  - Learn gardening


  -  Understanding finance and the power of the Black dollar


  - Support good black owned business


  - Understanding politics, the importance of our vote and the voting process.


  - Learn self defense and weapons training.

  - Getting more involved in the communities to provide our assistance and give information.

K. Love Lee Alston

Founder Of Onyx Shield

Please understand that it is simply not enough to get upset about a situation, march and protest and not follow through. We as a people must get better at this. We need to educate ourselves, devise a plan and follow through with a long term goal or solution. As the saying goes, "If we know better, we do better."


Being an empath, I am a very passionate person who has to be very conscious of my of what allow to enter my emotional state of being. For years I saw our injustices but because I felt helpless I just put it in the back of my mind & tried to stay as positive as possible and hoped for change or get better, saying to myself..."If I get angry...then what. Nothing! I just be sitting here angry and not know what to do about it!". 

As the state of the world seem to get worse or at least seen more often due to cell phones and social media it finally started to eat away at me. So the question remained, what can a small town girl like me do? Then asked myself, what is the real issue here, beside temporary anger and protests? What can be done that will help us as a people long term? This is the solution that I came up with. I got a team together and Onyx Shield was born in June of 2020. 


We now have 2 divisions of OS, Greensboro NC and Raleigh NC and we do plan to continue to grow and expand to different cities and states and eventually world wide. 




Katrina Campbell

Head Of Operations

Onyx Shield - Greensboro NC

Kevin Alston

Head Of Operations

Onyx Shield - Raleigh NC 

To give you an example on the type of classes we have here is a class session lead by Chauncey Morris Jr who has a class series entitled "The Genesis Project - Program Deconstruction 
TGP - Onyx Shield Class - Programmed DecArtist Name
00:00 / 1:14:39
This is our first round table discussion entitled "The Plight On Black American And Solutions. Panelists are Chauncey Morris Jr, Terence Muhammed, Kevin Alston, Craig Jones aka Tagem, Dr Stepney & Michael Adams. We didn't get to get through all the questions so there will be a part 2 on this! Enjoy!
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