Purpose TV
Kisha Love Lee Alston is the creator, host, producer & director of Purpose TV. She is a 45 yr wife and mother of one amazing daughter. Throughout her life she has sought after the purpose & true happiness and was always curious about God & spirit. As an adult she discovered that happiness & purpose can only be found from within & it changed her life completely. She found that one of her many purposes in this earth is to speak to others who has found their purpose in life in hopes to inspire others to do the same. Kisha is convinced that the more people find their purpose in life the better the world as a whole will be. 
Purpose TV is a webshow dedicated to finding & speaking to people who have found & are living their purpose in life. Our mission is that our viewer, when watching the show, will encourage them to find their purpose (if they haven't already) and begin to take steps to live that purpose. We believe that if more people find their purpose in life, the happier we all will be as the human race.
On The Scene with Purpose TV is a spin off of Purpose TV where we cover the hottest shows to hit the Carolinas and soon beyond. We have the dopest hosts on the planet..EP, Sol, Ampston and Raven. You have to check this show out!!
Host - Ezra Price aka EP is an entrepreneur, actor and singer. He has a passion for seeing others succeed and has a personality that is infectious. 
Host - Maya Williams aka Sol is a college student, singer & performer in her own right with a vibrant personality that is a bold & beautiful as she is. 
Host - Raven Brooks aka Rayo brings the flavor like no other. She is a college student, artist, model & poet who is big on expanding her consciousness.
Host - Ampston Hews is one of the funniest comedians in the state, dare I say the world. He is also a playwright, actor and director..an all around super dope person.
Purpose TV Podcast
Now that we have Onyx Urban Radio, we have made Purpose TV in a podcast as well as a web show. The show airs every Saturday night at 7pm.