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Hello! My name is Kisha Love Lee Alston. I am the sole owner of Onyx Urban Media Group, originally named Purpose Productions which started in 2012. I am a published & award winning photographer & producer. I am also the host, director & producer of a web interview show called Purpose TV. 

I started behind the camera at age 17 & fell in love immediately. I've gone on to work in television & radio such as WCTV67, WPOL The Light, Armunda Hancock Inspirational TV & BET until I was inspired to start my own company & Purpose Productions was born.

After a year of starting Purpose Productions, which focused on videography & editing, I started Purpose Photography. In 2017 I won Photographer Of The Year at the Featured Highlight Awards, in 2018 won Producer Of The Year at the FHA's & am now a published photographer. I have had the honor of capturing unforgettable moments for so many people. I am extremely grateful to wake up everyday & do what I love. 

In 2020, she was offered a radio show name Sensual Seductions for an internet radio station and 4 months later the station went on hiatus which crushed her. In searching for a new home for her radio show she decided to start her own internet radio station named Onyx Urban Radio, a station that caters to the black community and only plays music from Indie Artists and Podcasts. Click on "Onyx" above to listen to the station live!!


Thank you so much for taking a moment to view my site!! 




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